Things You Should Ask Before Hiring a Face Painter

Things You Should Ask Before Hiring a Face Painter | Fort Collins | Loveland
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Things You Should Ask Before Hiring a Face Painter

Working on a Kid’s Face

Some people think that hiring a face painter is easy. But the truth is, face painters are not created equally, which is why it can be challenging to choose one. Not all of them are using the same types of paints, and not all of them have the same experiences.

If this is your first time hiring a face painter or your child’s party, then knowing some of the questions that you should ask a potential face painter is essential. In this way, you will know if this face painter is the right one to hire. You will also get to see if you are hiring someone who will provide the best service that your child and the guests will enjoy.

Here are some of the important things to ask before hiring a face painter:

Is the Face Painter Insured

The first thing that you need to ask is if she is insured. Asking her about this may seem weird, but you need to think of the liabilities that you may come across if the paints use harm someone at your child’s event. When working with children, it is always a must to have insurance.

Ask for the Face Painter’s Fee

This is the most obvious question that you need to ask. You need to ask about the fees so you’d know if you can afford her price. Some painters charge hourly, while some face painters are charging depending on the number of kids that she will work with. So clarifying about her fees would be best.

How Frequently Does the Face Painter Practice

Things You Should Ask Before Hiring a Face Painter

Heart Face Paint Art

You may be hesitant to ask this question, but there is nothing wrong about asking as to how frequently does she practice her profession. The reason behind this is because the more frequent she is practicing, the better she is at her profession. It will also make sure that the face painter already knows a lot of techniques, which will, in turn, give the kids at the party the best experience possible.

How Long Have Been the Face Painter Practicing

Usually, face painting is considered as a talent, and some people have this skill naturally. But if you are hiring someone who has only a one year of experience, then there may be some things that she can’t handle. Some of these things include kids that are fidgety or long lines of kids excited to get their faces painted.

Kinds of Paints the Face Painter Uses

Things You Should Ask Before Hiring a Face Painter

Color Palette for Face Painting

As you all know, kids’ skins are more sensitive than yours and ensuring that the she is using the right type of face paint is essential. Some painters will try to save on costs, which can become a problem in the long run. It is important that the paints are made out of ingredients that are FDA approved and ones that can be removed easily with water. Of course, it should also be a paint that should not smear whenever the kids touch it.

Face Painter’s Background with Kids

Another essential question to ask a potential face painter that you are going to hire usher background when it comes to kids. There are a lot of face painters today, but not everyone has backgrounds on kids. When looking for a face painter, it would be best to choose someone who is comfortable working with kids.

Of course, this does not mean that the face painter needs to have her kids. Being comfortable working around kids just means she has been working with face painting for kids for quite some time now.

Ask for a Portfolio

Things You Should Ask Before Hiring a Face Painter

Butterfly Face Paint Art

You can ask for a face painter’s portfolio so you can see her previous work. Asking for the portfolio will help you check the face painting level that she can offer. It will also help you to gain additional knowledge about the face painter that you are going to hire.

Ask If You Need to Provide Anything for the Face Painter

For you to be ready for your kid’s party, it would be best to know if the painter that you are going to hire will need anything. Typically, a painter will need paints, water, chairs, and tables so she can work properly on your kids. You can provide the chairs and tables if needed, though most face painters bring their tools. Asking the face painter won’t cost a thing, for you to ensure that everything will be in place once you hire her.

Ask If the Face Painter Has a Reference

It is always great to know how reliable the face painter that you are planning to hire. You will get an idea by asking for references. You can ask for the contact details of their previous clients. If they have public events that you can go to, then, by all means, you should. The reasons behind this are because you will get to know how the face painter works.

Is the Face Painter Willing to Travel

Most face painters today will usually stay locally, but traveling for a client may be an option. Typically, they will add an extra travel fee for this, and making yourself aware would be best. The cost will depend on how long the travel will be.

Ask the Face Painter If She Needs Time Setting Up

Things You Should Ask Before Hiring a Face Painter

Face Paint Party

Lastly, you need to ask if she needs to set up earlier, so be prepared once she comes in. If you need her to set up early, then ask the face painter if she is comfortable with it. But usually, a face painter can set up in less than 30 minutes or so.

These are all of the questions that you need to ask a face painter before hiring her. These questions are fine to ask and won’t even offend the painter that you are trying to hire. These questions will merely help you decide whether the face painter that you are eyeing is the one for your child’s upcoming party.



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